Monday, December 29, 2008


..dreaming & experimenting...
...recent works...

The concept of this shoot was based off a painting I did earlier this year. I am trying to create a link between what I do as a face/body artist and what I do as a fine artist.

Acrylic painting on canvas by April-Anna Bremers
Face/Body Painting by April-Anna Bremers
Models: Victoria-Kim & Kimberley
Photographer Pierre Simard

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  1. I received some email comments, take a look!! So exciting to get feedback!

    "Very cool, I especially like the painting with the extension of the tree. keep it up. happy holidays and an amazing new year;
    Mindy Shear"

    "Excellent work April-Anna.
    I have just been getting things together to make some music videos for new compositions and have been hoping to use some of our garage photo shoots as components."
    don xaliman -

  2. received more messages ...

    "Took a look at your blog and your art. Loved it! xx ... Aura Roman"

  3. Your artwork is lovely. Such original creativity is so awe-inspiring. Wonderful stuff.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Much appreciated. :)